Hurry Up | Dree Leer

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Saturn, 200 41st Street South, Birmingham, Alabama

Hurry Up stops in at Saturn for a FREE show with Dree Leer!

Hurry Up features Kathy Foster and Westin Glass of the mighty Thermals and Maggie Vail of the legendary Bangs. Radon huffing basement punk in the Northwest tradition, with a grudge and one bare light bulb. Get weird. Stay weird. Or get the fuck out. Dree Leer is a 3-piece rock band hailing from Birmingham, Alabama. Through a deafening display of loud guitar, bass, and drums this new act promises to make you jump up and take notice. As if carved straight out of the 90's, Dree Leer manages to summon up passion and a defiance rarely seen in today's music. Jackie Lo delivers her haunting and infectious lyrics exploding from the giant quiet-loud-quiet wall of sound screaming from her guitar and a thunderous rhythm section.